Ryuu Tsubasa

Hi everyone ^^ I come back again with a new draw . But this time it's from my Imagination

And I gave him a name it's: Ryuu Tsubasa .

Why do I Choose that name?

Cause RYUU 龍 or 竜 which both mean "dragon"
And TSUBASA 翼 means "wing"
And I love dragons a lot so I Decided to choose that name ^^
PS:... Saving to your computer is fine. Reposting on the internet without permission is not fine.


MR. Ben

2009-01-18 22:38:49
Thank you very much miss wazwaz
you are a pro aritist who really has talent ,and an adept painter

singe noir

2009-03-15 17:24:30
Very good !


2009-07-23 14:05:13
i like the name u picked :)

2009-08-24 09:02:38
fast to my site plaese


2010-07-08 11:59:28
good job;)

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